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Spanish Football in Fulham, Chelsea & Holland Park

football club located in Fulham, Chelsea & Holland Park

“The Spanish Way FC is a football club located in Fulham, Chelsea, and Holland Park. We offer individual and group training programs, as well as holistic development for players of any age or ability. Our aim is to provide high-quality football sessions for everyone, from three-year-olds all the way through to semi-pro or professional players.”

Our Mission

Our club aims to motivate and inspire our players through a multi-faceted approach. We focus on personality, communication, and high-level football experiences to help players reach their potential. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our training and support for our athletes, and we go above and beyond to ensure their success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community with our players so that they feel completely welcomed and accepted in our environment, while knowing that they will be asked to go out and do their best every time they see us. We hold our players accountable, and we expect them to learn to hold those around them accountable as well.

Our team

Our team

Roberto González

Founder & Head Coach

Roberto has played football in youth leagues for years in Spain, but the pro game did not work out for him. However, it opened a door to coaching at a very young age. After years coaching in Spain, he moved to California, USA, to coach children and young people.

This experience changed his mindset completely, and decided to move to London, UK, and quickly continue his coaching career.

He has trained different clubs and schools in London, and after months of coaching for different clubs, he realized the urgent need to create a quality football school, open for everyone.

At the end of 2018, The Spanish Way FC is born. Thereafter, he has coached for more football clubs, being further significant clubs Fulham FC or Real Madrid CF.

Roberto is qualified sports coach, also qualified by the RFEF and the FA.

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Mattia Ferraro

 U8s Football Coach

Mattia is a qualified and double graduated coach, who has coached children and young people abroad, such as in Spain, Argentina or Italy, where he is from. 

He also plays football almost everyday to, as he says, further my skills and knowledge of the game for the participants I coach. 

This is Mattia’s third season at The Spanish Way, as a senior football coach. As he says, I want to fulfill my desire to pass down what I have learned these years in The Spanish Way FC to the next generation of footballers, not only just as participants, more importantly as individuals. 

Irene Pagano

U4s & U5s Football Coach

Irene started coaching in Italy when she was 15, by chance. “My football team needed a coach and I thought why not, but then it quickly became a passion”. She started with children, then progressed into teenagers changing different clubs. 

In the last year, she started coaching toddlers and preschoolers with The Spanish Way FC and she is charge of our Spanish Club for toddlers at The Fulham Boys School.

Irene is also a rugby qualified coach with several years of experience!


Jordi Lopez

 U6s Football Coach

Jordi is a young coach that has started his career with us in The Spanish Way last season and from the 23/24 season, he is in charge of our U6s. 

Jordi is eager to keep on learning new things everyday which has allowed him to develop his knowledge very quickly. 

His dream is to keep on growing as a coach and more importantly as a person so that one day he can call himself a football manager. Bienvenido, Jordi!

Samuel Andon

 U7s Football Coach

Samuel Andón is currently our U7s senior coach. He has been coaching for almost 6 years now, having coached both primary and secondary students with differing needs and abilities. 

Although he is a young coach, Samuel is an educated and FA awarded coach, being able to lead large groups with a great passion and attention to detail.

“I’ve taught a wide range of sports in my coaching career such as basketball, rugby, cricket or hockey but football is my speciality, not just coaching, also playing for Deportivo Galicia and watching LaLiga and Premier League games


Aitor Andon

 U9s Football Coach

Aitor Andon is currently one of our youngest coach, he is leading our U9s and also he is in charge of a local Friday team at Chiswick. Aitor is an educated coach, studying a 3 year sport science and coaching degree plus some football badges. He loves coaching and as a footballer that has played for FC Deportivo La Coruña in the past and currently playing at Brentford FC, “I like to show them what I have learnt and how to be a better player”, he says. He also has experience working with other clubs in the past, but The Spanish Way FC is something different in grassroot football, vamos!

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