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Spanish Football in Fulham, Chelsea & Holland Park

football club located in Fulham, Chelsea & Holland Park

The Spanish Way FC is a football club located in Fulham, Chelsea and Holland Park. We offer individual and group training programs and a holistic development for players of any age or ability. Our aim is to provide high quality football sessions for everyone, from three-years-old all the way through to semi-pro or professional players.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire our players through personality, communication, and experiences at a high level of football. We want our players to be fuelled to play with confidence, whatever level they are playing at.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community with our players so that they feel completely welcome and accepted in our environment, while knowing that they will be asked to go out and do their best every time they see us. We hold our players accountable, and we expect them to learn to hold those around them accountable as well.


Our team

Our team

Roberto González

Founder & Head Coach

Roberto has played football in youth leagues for years in Spain, but the pro game did not work out for him. However, it opened a door to coaching at a very young age. After years coaching in Spain, he moved to California, USA, to coach children and young people.

This experience changed his mindset completely, and decided to move to London, UK, and quickly continue his coaching career.

He has trained different clubs and schools in London, and after months of coaching for different clubs, he realized the urgent need to create a quality football school, open for everyone.

At the end of 2018, The Spanish Way FC is born. Thereafter, he has coached for more football clubs, being further significant clubs Fulham FC or Real Madrid CF.

Roberto is qualified sports coach, also qualified by the RFEF and the FA. Spanish football in Fulham.

Anton Fernandez

Head Coach at Holland Park

Sports science degree, qualified PE teacher and currently working as a PE teacher, FA level 1, Level 1 Award in Coaching Football (QCF), First Aid Training-Paediatric. The FA Emergency Aid Course, The FA Safeguarding Children.

I coach children because I firmly believe that through football you can educate all life values and create lovely human beings

“I can’t understand life without football. As simple as that”

Jose Manuel Contreras

Football Coach

Started his football career in his local club and played for them for 14 years.

Despite having offers from other clubs, he started to train the youth teams, winning regional tournamenst and improving the previous results, placing the club between the top 5 teams of the region.

After a few years out of the football world, he decided to go back into the world that he once loved, bringing all his experience and knowledge along the way, The Spanish Way

Derian Perdomo Morera

Football Coach

Football isn’t a job but a passion for Derian. He has taken his passion to the next heights with helping children live the dream of hopefully one day becoming the next big star. He loves passing his passion onto others and teaching children the skills he learnt through the years.

He has successfully passed The FA Level 1 Introduction to Talent Identification, Introduction to coaching Football Introduction to first Aid in Football (IFAiF), and also PE CPD for teachers.

Daniel Lvov

Assistant Coach

I have played football my whole life in multiple countries, including Russia, United States, And England on a national level competing at top-level competitions. However, the coaching side of the game has always intrigued me and I began coaching in Florida, USA in 2019. I started off with 1to1 coaching in my community as well as assisting the head coach at the local club in my city.

I moved to London in 2021, where I found “The Spanish Way FC”. I was very impressed with the drive and ambition that the club showed and decided to continue my coaching here.

I am very excited to share my experience and knowledge of the game with “The Spanish Way FC” players.

Spanish football in Fulham

Ignacio Zambello

Football Coach

During his childhood, he played for his local club in a small town in Patagonia, Argentina After deciding that the level of the club and professional football weren’t for him, he decided to start coaching. The opportunities in his area weren’t that much, but he managed to coach some children and amateur clubs around his local city, gaining experience before moving to London. He continued his football studies in London, where he is FA qualified. He found an opportunity at The Spanish Way FC due his high coaching standard. Que lindo verte, Nacho!

football lessons in chelsea

Mattia Ferraro

Assistant Coach

Fernando Casaprima

Accountant Team Manager

Fernando Casaprima Roza, Spain 1995. Fernando joined The Spanish Way FC to bring our club a professional vision of international sport management. Fernando is qualified in Law & Business Administration (Bsc), International Tax Advice (MBA) and Sports Management (MBA).

Jose Carlos Rubio

Marketing Manager

Jose Carlos Rubio, Spain 1995. Polytechnic University of Madrid. Believing in creativity as the best way to produce high quality design, he is in charge of the visual identity of The Spanish Way FC, providing a fresh imagery and appearance up to the club’s work and high standards procedures.

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