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We recognize the unique demands of goalkeeper training, which necessitate specialized coaching.

In many team environments, goalkeepers often lack access to a dedicated GK coach for honing their skills and elevating their performance. Consequently, these players may go for extended periods without receiving essential goalkeeping tutelage.

From season 23/24, our Club is offering weekly small GK session with our Academy Director and qualified Level 2 GK instructor, Carlos Vega, to provide quality GK lessons at South West London

Our coaching regimen encompasses a comprehensive range of aspects, including angles, shot-stopping, defensive organization, handling, footwork…

Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring that our goalkeeping drills seamlessly integrate with team dynamics, maximizing their authenticity and real-game translation.

To cater to the needs of aspiring goalkeepers striving to achieve excellence both within and beyond the penalty area, we offer personalized GK coaching, working on small groups over our specialized development program within our Spanish methodology of football.

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