Embracing the Spanish Way of Football since 2018

Established in late 2018, The Spanish Way FC emerges as a beacon of football excellence in London, United Kingdom and mainly due to the lack of quality football clubs or teams. Founded by the international football coach, Roberto Gonzalez Garcia, whose extensive experience spans coaching talents worldwide, the club stands as a testament to the global recognition of Spanish football. 

Recognizing the pivotal role of foundational learning in young football players, our Club is driven by a vision to instill the revered principles of Spanish football in children and young people during their foundation stage.

The Spanish Way FC offers a comprehensive football experience, tailored to individuals and groups alike. Our training programs based on our bespoke methodology cater to players of all ages and skill levels, fostering holistic development both on and off the pitch.

From tender ages of five onwards, to aspiring semi-pro and professional footballers, we are committed to delivering top-tier football sessions designed to unlock potential and nurture talent at every stage of their journey.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to inspire our players through personality, communication, and experiences at a high level of football. We want our players to be fuelled to play with confidence, whatever level they are playing at.
We not only want to help our players take their game to the next level, we want to also promote the mental skills required for our players to succeed in life, and be confident. Our environment is full of like-minded individuals, coming together to support each other in the pursuit of continuous improvement.
We value above all a relentless work ethic, and the ability to maintain that work ethic even when things get hard. We understand that every player has different needs, come from different backgrounds, and are at different stages in their footballing journey… but one thing we try to instil in each of them is the mindset of never quitting, and pushing themselves to their limits.
Our environment is extremely high paced, energetic, and loud offering football lessons in Fulham. We believe in creating relationships with our players so they can feel completely welcome and accepted in our setting, while knowing they will be asked to come out and give their best every time they see us. We hold our players accountable, and hope they too will learn to hold those around them accountable as a result.
Our club seeks to coach and develop these concepts and values on young players, whom are starting their football journey on a proper football way, The Spanish Way.

Our Values

We believe a person’s environment, both on and off the pitch, is of enormous importance. Our environment focuses on promoting how strong values in football can translate to strong values in life. Hard work and a positive mindset are consistently proven characteristics of those who succeed on and off the pitch.



Passion for football is our main value, we seek to transmit effort and self-improvement to our players as  our way of working.



We strive every day to provide our players a bespoke football coaching adapted to their age and needs.



We really want our players to feel our energy when they are on the pitch, in a positive and vibrant learning environment.



Our lessons are enjoyed and shared by our players ,where they can join us as individuals and leave us as friends.


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These are our lessons

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Why Choose Us

Learn By Repetition

There is no better way to learn than by example, providing adapted football concepts by ages and needs, sharing our football experience.

Flexible Schedule

Flexible timetables adapted to you, book online a single lesson or full term, with numerable discounts and free trials along the season.

Best environment

Our environment of fellowship and self-improvement develops social and physical skills and gives football lessons in Fulham on our players.

Good prices

We offer reasonable prices and remarkable quality. We understand football as an inclusive sport regardless your background.

Quality Professionals

All our coaches have extensive experience in sports worldwide. We strive to teach throughout a positive environment and healthy values.

football lovers

We love football and put passion into coaching our sport, enjoying when we share our knowledge and experience with our students.

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“For numerous years, our club has been dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where our players can thrive. Beyond honing their football abilities, we are committed to enhancing their mental acuity, fostering traits essential for success both on the field and in all facets of life.”

Roberto González

Founder & Head Coach at The Spanish Way FC

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The Spanish Way FC specializes in training children and young people aged between five to twelve through our Spanish methodology of football.

Our lessons are held in English and they are open to all participants regardless of their origin or background.

The Spanish Way FC in mainly located at Normand Croft School – W14 9PA but also at Eel Brook Common (Fulham) and St. Luke’s Five-a-side pitches (Chelsea).

Our sessions for season 24-25 are designed for 2 hour trainings, in wich participants will receive technical and tactical information focused on competition. Session, monthly term and season cost can be found here.

To redeem a free trial lesson or to be part of our team, you will need to fill our registration form upon request.

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